“Everything can be improved” is the mindset of Annflex and its crew. Consistency and continuity in policies and management systems, while striving for excellence.


A. Competitiveness Increased competence

Each entity is in charge of defining the tools of competitiveness under disinvested responsibility.
Annflex has its capacity for innovation and ongoing improvement in all levels of the company.


B. The route of annflex metal bellows

  • Sourcing of best vendors for raw materials
  • Identification of various materials by chemical / physical and other specified tests as applicable.
  • Surface defects / weld integrity checks by liquid penetrant examination before and after cold work.
  • Radiography examination for other welded components as applicable
  • Magnetic particle & Ultrasonic test by approved third party agency.
  • Helium leak test by approved agency for bellows in cryogenic applications.
  • Dimensional verifications for components and final assembly.
  • Performance evaluation cum destructive type tests like cycle life, squirm, yield rupture etc..

C. The Spirit of Annflex

We believe that continuous assessment is a crucial factor in uninterrupted progress. And the definition of competitiveness tools is valid for both business and cross-functional services.And we strive towards attaining complete willingness and ability to embrace a result-oriented culture and working within network environment.