ANNFLEX Metal Bellows & Compensators CATERS TO A Wide Range & Type Of Applications of Various Customers.

Bellow’s Applications

  • OEMs

    Vibration isolation Bellows

  • Transformer Mfgrs

    Volume Compensators to absorb the thermal expansion of transformer oil.

  • Flue gas Ducts

    High Thermal Expansion Contraction absorbing Bellows (Optional – Refractory Lining).

  • Oxygen & Other Gas lines

    Pressure balanced Bellows to minimize flow turbulence & Pressure thrust in Directional deviations of piping.

  • Pump Suction I Discharge

    Vibration isolating bellows with some amount of axial/lateral deflection.

  • Corrosive liquid medium

    Special steel bellows OR Jacketed bellows.

  • Piping with High pressure & large deflection

    Externally pressurized bellows.

Annflex’ Caters to

  • Cement Plants
  • Petroleum / Refineries
  • Chemicals I Petrochemicals
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Agro / Fertilizers
  • Shipping
  • Defence I Ordinance Factories
  • Valve Manufacturers
  • OEMs
  • Transformer Mfrs.
  • Tyre Industry



  • Atomic Energy I Nuclear Power
  • Cryogenic Services
  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Electricity Boards
  • Engineering Industry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Oxygen Plants
  • Carbon Black Plants
  • Steel Plants
  • Oil Industries
  • Ferro Alloys Plants